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blue lacy blood tracking dog

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About Us

We are located in central Texas near Lake Buchanan and the town of Llano. We specialize in Lacy hog dogs and deer tracking dogs and have a deep passion and appreciation for working breeds.
I am a fifth generation Texan and grew up in the Hill Country, where I spent my youth hunting and fishing.
I have been an avid outdoorswoman and dog fanatic for as long as I can remember. Rod has trained and hunted with retreivers for many years and, together, we are proud to be working with several prominant organizations to develop competitive outlets for working dogs.

Texas Lacy Dogs

The Lacy Dog, also known as the Blue Lacy or Lacy Hog Dog was created during the late 19th century to work free ranging hogs. During this time, Texans used hog dogs to round up wild range hogs that populated the Hill Country. Most ranchers were using hound crosses but the Lacy brothers created their own line of versatile dogs to gather the family’s hogs and drive them to livestock markets in Austin. It appears they crossed an English Shepherd with a Greyhound and a wolf, resulting in a fast herding dog with the intense prey drive and fearlessness necessary for working dangerous hogs.

Also revered for their speed and intelligence the breed has become an all-around working dog for ranchers, cowboys, trappers and hunters. Though they can be trained to do almost anything, lacys make great hog dogs, cow dogs and trackers and most will make a serviceable tree dog. A rancher can catch a mountain lion on Monday, check traps on Tuesday and push cows around on Wednesday. A hard-hunting dog capable of tracking a variety of predators is instrumental in keeping livestock safe from coyotes and big cats.

Working Lacy Dog Breeders

We are a small kennel focused on producing exceptional quality, beauty and working ability. Our focus is producing dogs with good drive, a lot of bottom, intelligence, and grit. Our philosophy is that each dog bred and litter whelped is for a purpose - to meet the needs of hunters and ranchers.

Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer

For wounded game recovery, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
Ask for Courtney (830) 220-4747 or Rod (214) 244-1329.

lacy blood tracking dog

lacy blood tracking dog

P.O. Box 1634 Kingsland, TX 78639 (830) 220-4747 lacydogregistry@gmail.com
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